Playground Mulch Installation

Engineered Wood Mulch for Playgrounds

A playground is a place where kids explore, test their limits and provide their body an opportunity to grow strong. An ideal groundcover is very essential to let kids play on the ground fearlessly. A playground needs to be an amalgamation of safety and discovery for kids and parents should be contented their kids are enjoying inside safe premises. Engineered wood fiber is an ideal product to cover the ground and prevent kids from injury while they fall or tumble down. These coverings allow better enjoyable moments for your kids.

Engineered wood fiber is the best apt solution for playgrounds, park, day care centers and private play area surfacing that offers great advantage of anti-slipping and high accessibility. This is the best affordable and easy to approach product. Mulch Orlando offers quality and highly reasonable engineered wood fiber mulch for your playground. We provide Certified Mulch, IPEMA Mulch, ADA Compliant Mulch and Engineered Mulch for your playgrounds.

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In the market you may find some more cheaper options but they fail to stand against durability and resistance. These low-priced mulches may not offer the service you are actually looking for. To all your newly installed playgrounds or renovating playgrounds service, Mulch Orlando service can provide you’re a better affordable option with long-term effective results.

Kids play very hard and they need the same strength surface to play and grow. Mulch Orlando offer supreme quality Engineered Wood Mulch, call us and get the job done in very less time.

Kinds of Engineered Wood Mulch We Offer

Mulch Orlando insist on using specially crafted engineered wood mulch for playgrounds not the same that can be used in residential or commercial lands. Kids are very delicate and we recommend the best quality mulch for playgrounds, day centers or any other gardens where focus is given to kids. This mulch can be very easily installed in a very less time through blown technique by our hardworking team.

We craft four kinds of Mulch specially for kids play area. These provide ultimate cushioning with a security that no external harmful contaminants are present in the mulch.

Cypress Mulch- This is one of the best quality mulches, very apt for playgrounds and gardens. These are made from soft wood chips adding more cushion and security to area like under swings or slides.

Wood Chips- When you are looking for the best mulch that meets the CPSC standards, wood chips are the best choice. It does not contain any additives and made from 100% virgin wood material.

Wood Fiber- Wood Fiber Mulch offers a soft and springy feeling as they are made from the soft ends of chopped wood. Meeting the CPSC standards for safe playgrounds surfacing, it is another supreme quality mulch we deal with ease and perfection.

Shredded Bark Mulch- Another mulch made out of natural elements is Shredded bark Mulch. As the name suggests it consists of the shredded bark of a mulch which is very soft and comfortable. As it breaks down easily, replacing once a year is all you need to do.

Installation Process

Correct installation is the key to get the best out of mulching process. Mulch Orlando chooses the best advanced blown technology for mulch installation ensuring each angle and corners of the playground is perfectly mulched without any hassle. We possess right equipment and knowledge to deal with it. With us get impeccable mulch installation that is durable and attractive. We can convert playground into a surface with soft and cushioning feel.

Give us a call today and we will immediately start working on the playground. We are confident to provide best quality engineered wood mulch to create an ideal playground that suit your specific needs like safety, longevity and attractiveness.


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