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Wide Range of Mulch

Mulching your landscape comes with numerous advantages. It suppresses the weed germination, helps in soil moisture retention, soil insulation, and erosion control. Also, a wisely chosen mulch improves the beautification factor of the landscape. To reach the ultimate gardening goals, it is very essential to pick the right mulch option.

Mulch Orlando Florida proudly admits we deal with quality organic mulch and help our customers achieve the best gardens or playgrounds. We have the expertise in residential, commercial, playground, and municipal mulching service choosing the best apt mulch.

What is Organic & Inorganic Mulch

Organic mulches are the by-products of other industries. With time it decomposes and adds more nutrients to the soil. On the other hand, Inorganic mulch is made from human-made materials that are harder and do not compose easily or never decomposes. Inorganic mulch does add to the aesthetic beauty of the landscape and helps in moisture retention but when it comes to supporting soil nutrients, Organic Mulch wins the fact.

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Types of Organic Mulch

Pea Straw Mulch

Pea Straw is an ideal solution to flower beds and vegetable gardens. They are mostly used in residential mulching projects as it acts as a good growth stimulator and protects roots from extreme weather condition. It quickly decomposes and hence needs to be topped up regularly. Also, they are high in nitrogen and works well where the soil is in poor condition. You can consult our mulching experts to select the right mulching for your garden.

Sugar Cane Mulch

Mulch Orlando Fl understands the value and connectivity you have with your landscape and thus deals with varieties of mulch options. Sugar cane mulch is another choice in the mulch industry that acts as a great soil supporter. They are simply the dried leaves of sugarcane and basically helps in vegetable gardens. It breaks down easily and needs frequent top-ups. Again, this mulch is more suitable for small gardens where the vegetable is preferable.

Bark Mulch

As Mulch Orlando Fl deals on a grand note with mulching service at large scale on landscape, commercial gardens, and playground, the most desirable kind of mulch belongs to this category. Bark or wood chips are the shredded bark and leaves from trees like Cypress and Pine. This mulch type comes under the most desirable mulch product and customers simply it.

Bark mulch is a wonderful option around shrubs and trees as it provides a great advantage to the soil like moisture retention, soil compaction, and creating a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow and benefit the soil. Mulch undoubtedly act as a great barrier between harsh weather condition and the right soil temperature for vegetation. During extreme heat conditions, it contains the moisture in the soil and reduces the need for frequent irrigation. Similarly, during extremely chilly winters, it does not allow cool air to enter the soil and spill the beans of vegetation factor. As bark or wood chips mulch poses a lasting effect and is a durable option, it is not preferable for flower beds and vegetable gardening where frequent seed cultivation is needed.

Colored Mulch

Mulch is one of the top requirements in landscape. It does add to the nutrient value of the soil but also acts as a wonderful choice for beautiful aesthetics. Mulches are dyed in a color like brown, red, or black to suit the surrounding of the location. Pine Bark Mulch naturally available in colors like brown and red but wood chips are dyed on the demand of the buyers and then the mulch installation is done.

Mulch Orlando Fl understands how much your landscape means to you and thus offers various kinds of mulches in a wide range of colors to suit your purpose. From Oaktree mulch to tough wood chips, our service covers all.

Contact Mulch Orlando today and get the best-blown mulch installation in your place right away, with no delays!


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